A Word A Day Brings Wisdom To A Pussycat! — Oh,Phffft!

Posted by asiadmin - February 18th, 2016

Alas, sadly — language is swiftly becoming a lost art … for humans, that is! Soon, they will forget the little that they know. An unhappy reality. Therefore, in order to enrich one on a daily basis, one should learn a word a day. For today, I have most wisely chosen the word flitter. Just this morning, I had placed my ever so fluffy self upon the dictionary as I was observing Mumzy create. For my charming and beloved Mumzy is a writer. Watching closely, I was making certain that she did not make any spelling errors. As is very well known, my Mumzy wrote the book — Cat Paws Through History, Ko-Ko the Cat Meets Napoleon Bonaparte. Please be aware of the fact that I am Ko-Ko the Cat! The book is all about — moi — the resident cat — as it should well be. Alas, as I was saying, my Mumzy was writing, and I was sitting upon the open dictionary — comfy and cozy as you please. Dictionaries are most comfortable books to sit upon — for a cat, that is — when suddenly I placed my ever so pudgy, furry paw upon the word —flitter. It was then that Mumzy quietly uttered in her precious, charming voice, “Flitter … what a wonderful word. I do believe that I shall use it in my next paragraph.” As usual, I had assisted Mumzy in her writing. Besides,  I rather enjoy hearing Mumzy utter the word flitter. It is a most curious word. For some reason, it reminds me of my whiskers. How? … One may ask. Do not worry, for enlightenment is to pounce upon us shortly. The word — flitter — according to the Webster’s New World Dictionary, upon which I sat so happily, is defined as, “flutter, or a person or thing that flies.” In reference to my beautiful, long whiskers — one of the definitions of the word flutter applies most appropriately. For in my particular case, flutter means, “to move with quick vibrations.” So true! Especially when I am observing the neighborhood birds or mice.Thus, upon this day, we have added to our much needed vocabulary, the words flitter and flutter. We now know more than what we knew a few moments ago. It is indeed a most satisfying feeling. We are rather proud of our accomplishment — are we not? You had better be nodding with a most pleasant smile upon your face. For, if perchance you are not — I am now glaring at you with my golden eyes! I dare say that it is not a glare of approval!

Ta-ta — along with a swift phffft! Behave yourselves, and please do remember that sitting upon dictionaries is only allowed to pussycats!

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