A New Word A Day Keeps The Doctor Away! Phffft…phffft…phffft!

Posted by asiadmin - February 19th, 2016

A new word a day keeps the doctor away: According to this pussycat, that is. Healthy words are healthy for one, and unhealthy words can make one ill. Therefore, it is quite important as to what one thinks, hears, sees and reads. Having said that, I will now introduce you to the word of the day which is the word — forefront. According to the Webster’s New World Dictionary, the word forefront, which is a noun, has the following meaning: “1. the extreme front. 2. the position of most activity, importance, etc.” I wonder, per chance, if the word could be applied in any way to pussycats? Makes one question as to how many times, one can actually apply the word forefront to one’s vocabulary on a daily basis. It would make one sound rather literate … do you not believe so? Making certain that Mumzy gives me a nice tummy rub is forefront in her list of to do things. So there! I did it, and I am a pussycat. It should therefore be much easier for humans to try to implement the word — forefront — into their daily language. Practice! Practice! Practice! After all, you are human, and do you not consider yourselves to be the most intelligent species? A matter of mere opinion, I would say — mostly the opinions of humans — certainly not pussycats! Need I say more? I do not believe so! Phffft! Oh what a bother!

Ta-ta for now! Have a most furry weekend, and with that I bid you adieu. Phffft!

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