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Napoleon Bonaparte
Emperor of France
French military and political leader
Born – August 15th, 1769 in Corsica, France
Died – May 5th, 1821 in the island of St. Helena

Duke of Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
British soldier and statesman
Born – May 1st, 1769
Died – September 14th, 1852

Please note that both Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington were born in the year 1769. On June the 18th in the year 1815, these two men would face each other in one of the most horrendous battles ever fought – the Battle of Waterloo.

Battle of Waterloo – Sunday, June the 18th, 1815.

The Caillou Museum in Waterloo – www.trabel.com
Napoleon Bonaparte’s headquarters prior to the Battle of Waterloo.

The Wellington Museum in Waterloo – www.trabel.com
Duke of Wellington’s headquarters prior to the Battle of Waterloo.

For further information and photographs, please check the following website, www.trabel.com for the historical sites listed below in reference to the Battle of Waterloo:

Butte de Leon – Lion’s Mound in Waterloo
Hougoumont farm
Haie Sainte farm
The Visitor’s Center and Panorama