Cat Paws Through History - Isabel H. Stepanian

Ko-Ko the Cat's Etiquette, Philosophy, and Manner Notes


My favorite humans...Mumzy, Popzy and Grand-mumzy!

Mice!...I like to play with them, however I absolutely refuse to hurt them in any manner!

I greatly appreciate classical music...especially Mozart. I quite often listen to classical music on the KUSC radio network.

I absolutely adore classic movies. Many a furry, warm and cozy evening is spent with Mumzy and Popzy, curled before the television set as we watch and study the great classics of the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's on Turner Classic Movies. They are most purr-fect!

Cat-tiquette, Philosophy and Manners 101: According to Ko-Ko the Cat.

Never allow food to remain upon your whiskers.

Prior to a yawn, cough, or a sneeze…one must place one’s paw before one’s whiskers.

One must wash one’s paws before and after a meal.

Cats are quite intelligent…Ask anybody,…however I do suggest one begins with the cat community…Phffft!

When one is within a museum, one must not touch the artifacts...This is a major...faux pas!