Cat Paws Through History - Isabel H. Stepanian

Ko-Ko’s Travel Diary




Today was a most interesting day. I met Napoleon Bonaparte,…also known as the Emperor of France. I found him to be exceptionally intelligent — A most fascinating and pleasant fellow.

At first, I had believed that Napoleon was a most delicious pastry, and that Waterloo was a bird named Loo which resided in water…How very silly of me, for indeed they were most certainly not!

Popzy, Mumzy and I visited the Caillou Museum. This building was a farmhouse in the year 1815, and was used as Napoleon Bonaparte’s Headquarters prior to the Battle of Waterloo…It is unimaginable that we walked through the very same rooms which Bonaparte had occupied at that time...Phffft!

Having exited the Caillou Museum, we walked through the gardens. There,...we came upon an ossuary! Mumzy stated that this small, brick building contained the bones of soldiers. These soldiers,...had fought in the Battle of Waterloo. Their bones had been found upon the field, and had been placed within the ossuary...Quite spooky,...if one were to ask my catty opinion!

 We also visited The Panorama building. One may view Louis Dumoulin's painting there. The painting is absolutely humongous. It depicts the Battle of Waterloo. Louis Dumoulin was a French Navy painter. In viewing the painting, I suddenly spotted Napoleon Bonaparte. He was seated upon a white horse. He looked quite majestic! However, was a rather creepy feeling...all in all. 

Popzy, Mumzy, and I climbed 226 steps…I am rather tired!...Well,…actually, if one is to be, let us say...technical,…they climbed and I swayed, because I was sitting within my carrier basket…while we ascended to the very top of the lion hill, or Butte du Lion, as it is called. We gazed down upon the battlefield where the Battle of Waterloo had taken place in the year 1815…It was most educational and fascinating, to say the very least. The view was absolutely breathtaking…Quite impressive!

Phffft!...I am absolutely exhausted!...It is not easy to keep up with Mumzy and Popzy…They could be rather a bother when they wish to be.

However,…I learned so very much today! It was a most exhilarating day! Belgium is beautiful.

This is a summary of my activities upon our trip to Waterloo:

  1. Visited Waterloo with Mumzy and Popzy.
  2. The Lion Hill was magnificent...Lion-shmion!
  3. The Panorama Building was quite interesting.
  4. The Battle of Waterloo scenes were rather disturbing.
  5. We saw an ossuary...Mrrrrrrrr!...Quite spooky in my personal opinion.
  6. Met Napoleon Bonaparte...He is not a pastry!...Go figure!
  7. Discussed battle plans...Shared with him my great distaste for this sort of thing...However, I do not believe that he cared to hear the resident cat's opinion regarding such matters, although he was quite polite in listening to me.
  8. I am paw-sitively exhausted!...Phffft! Phffft! Phffft! So very glad to be back home again!