I Have Returned!…It Has Indeed Been A While!

Posted by asiadmin - August 22nd, 2013

Well,…here I am! I must state that it has been a rather difficult summer.  As promised, I researched the matter of the Napoleon Pastry further. It is pronounced nuh-POH-lee-uhn…with a rather French pronunciation. This particular search site stated that the pastry was indeed developed in France: Apparently sometimes during the latter part of the 19th century. However, in Denmark, the story takes a different turn. For years, the Danish people have been told that the pastry was invented by a royal Danish pastry chef. It is said, that this pastry chef invented this spectacular feast which consists of layers of puff pastry, interspersed with pastry cream or whipped cream—with the top having a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar and chocolate lines. This beautiful piece of pastry artistry was supposedly created upon the occasion of the state visit of Emperor Bonaparte. The visit was taking place in Copenhagen. Napoleon Bonaparte had come to visit the King of Denmark. It is also said that the chocolate lines, which decorated the top layer of the pastry, appeared to form the letter ‘N’—in honor of Napoleon. Another tale states that the pastry was indeed a French invention: That it was Napoleon’s favorite pastry. Some state that the Emperor ate so many pieces of the pastry—the night before the Battle of Waterloo—that it resulted in his defeat. Oh!…What a pity! After all, I was there. I could have quite simply asked him. Perhaps, this is why he had a tummy ache…If one wishes to know more, one should most definitely read my book, Cat Paws Through History, Ko-Ko the Cat Meets Napoleon Bonaparte. That is all! Ta-ta! Phffft!   

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