Have A Most Purr-fect Day!

Posted by asiadmin - February 23rd, 2016

This being Monday, I thought that I would share the following with you. This is one of my favorite prayers. Purr-haps it will bring you peace.

GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change … the courage to change the things I can … and the wisdom to know the difference.

Having said that … I bid you adieu. Phffft!

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Purr-posterous! How Time Flies!!!

Posted by asiadmin - June 16th, 2015

Please accept my sincere pussycat apologies for not having written earlier. It has indeed been a while since I have posted a blog. However, the neighborhood mice have kept me quite busy. They insist on setting up their place of residence within my territory. This is indeed quite unacceptable — A major No-No!!! — A faux-pas! — Please do not misunderstand. After all, I do indeed like all creatures great and small, and that includes mice. Alas, they are rather cute and fuzzy. Yet, when it comes to my territory, I draw the line. Quite simply — they are more than welcome for an occasional visit. Yet all visits must come to an end, however pleasant they are — and alas, one finds that it is time — to go home! — Well! — Needless to say, some of them were quite persistent, and were refusing to depart. Thus, though it was most unpleasant — I had no choice but to explain matters to them in a cool and collected manner with no fur rising, and no whisker twitching. I had to employ all of my inner pussycat strength in order to convey the fact that — enough was enough! This took time — a little more time than I had anticipated. Thus, the days went by, and my daily duties kept me incessantly busy. Then, Mumzy and I were quite busy working on the creation of my website. Also, many hours were spent in research for our future books. This took time as well. Yet, what can one say? It is what it is! Please do forgive me! I assure you — it shall not happen again! That is — to the best of my pussycat abilities. Phffft!

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I Have Returned!…It Has Indeed Been A While!

Posted by asiadmin - August 22nd, 2013

Well,…here I am! I must state that it has been a rather difficult summer.  As promised, I researched the matter of the Napoleon Pastry further. It is pronounced nuh-POH-lee-uhn…with a rather French pronunciation. This particular search site stated that the pastry was indeed developed in France: Apparently sometimes during the latter part of the 19th century. However, in Denmark, the story takes a different turn. For years, the Danish people have been told that the pastry was invented by a royal Danish pastry chef. It is said, that this pastry chef invented this spectacular feast which consists of layers of puff pastry, interspersed with pastry cream or whipped cream—with the top having a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar and chocolate lines. This beautiful piece of pastry artistry was supposedly created upon the occasion of the state visit of Emperor Bonaparte. The visit was taking place in Copenhagen. Napoleon Bonaparte had come to visit the King of Denmark. It is also said that the chocolate lines, which decorated the top layer of the pastry, appeared to form the letter ‘N’—in honor of Napoleon. Another tale states that the pastry was indeed a French invention: That it was Napoleon’s favorite pastry. Some state that the Emperor ate so many pieces of the pastry—the night before the Battle of Waterloo—that it resulted in his defeat. Oh!…What a pity! After all, I was there. I could have quite simply asked him. Perhaps, this is why he had a tummy ache…If one wishes to know more, one should most definitely read my book, Cat Paws Through History, Ko-Ko the Cat Meets Napoleon Bonaparte. That is all! Ta-ta! Phffft!   

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Notes…From a Not so Furry Pussycat!

Posted by asiadmin - July 3rd, 2013

When last we spoke…although in reality we did not speak…I was rather upset…due to my unfortunate hair-fur cut. Alas, I do feel rather better now. My fur has begun to grow back. What is a pussycat to do? I am at the mercy of Mumzy and Popzy. When Mumzy decides that it is time for a cut…then it is time for a cut. On with life! Thus, today, I wish to share with you a quote from the most honorable Benjamin Franklin…”Content makes poor Men rich; Discontent makes rich Men poor.” Be contented!…Now, hopefully,…the readers of my blog are a tad wiser than before,…and that is always a good thing…Ta-Ta!

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Must One Endure This?!

Posted by asiadmin - June 29th, 2013

I have gone through a most atrocious experience. It is rather difficult for me to even speak about it…Mumzy gave me an haircut, or rather a fur cut! My supposed summer cut…to be exact! It has taken me days to recuperate from this horrendous once a year ritual. Thus, the reason as to why I have not post a blog. All my beautiful fur is gone! For the time being,…that is. As Mumzy proceeded to cut my fur, with scissors mind you, she kept insisting that it would grow back soon…that I would feel much cooler now. She says that every year! Every summer, I am put through this most torturous procedure. No one asks me, if I wish to have an haircut-fur cut. After all, it is my fur, is it not?! One would think that one would have the option of expressing one’s opinions regarding this most delicate matter,…but noooooooo…they just do what they feel like doing. This is not a democracy! This is a dictatorship! Chop! Chop!..Chop! Off with Ko-Ko’s hair! Then, they have the audacity to goo-goo and ga-ga…as to how very beautiful I look. They must be jesting! I have eyes! I have 20/20 vision…if not more! Besides, a pussycat’s vision is much better than an human’s vision. I took a glimpse of myself…as my beautiful fur was falling, all about me, in disarray. It was indeed a sad day! It did not look pretty! I wonder what they did with all that fur?! Once,…I knew a lady…that would knit sweaters from her cat’s fur. She would actually brush her cat, collect the fur, make yarn and knit sweaters, scarves, and some such things. Go figure! Alas, presently,…I am not happy! A most sad season has come upon my furry, or for the present, not so furry,…person. Phffft! Phffft! Phffft! Ta-ta!!!  

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Alas…it is Monday!

Posted by asiadmin - June 18th, 2013

Perhaps, it is best to begin the week with a pussycat’s philosophical view…Basically, I am now going to tell you what I think!…Whether, you like it or not! Most often in the mornings, I place my furry body next to Mumzy as she sips her cup of coffee. Together, we watch our inspirational programs. For in this world, one is always in dire need of inspiration. My favorite quote for the day is the following: Stability releases ability! Resist being moody! Be a stable person!…Ta-ta!

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In The Year 1815…So on and so forth!

Posted by asiadmin - June 15th, 2013

As promised, we will now begin the much anticipated discussion of the Battle of Waterloo. Please make certain that you do indeed take notes…One may become quite lost without the proper notes…whether one is a pussycat, or any other creature of a different variety. Now,…let us begin. The Battle of Waterloo was an horrendous battle. It was fought on Sunday, June the 18th, in the year 1815. The battle took place near Waterloo which is located in present day Belgium. At first, I thought that Waterloo was a bird named Loo which resided in water. How very foolish of me! However, how was I to know…I am merely a rather furry pussycat. Intelligent as I may be,…and I am indeed quite intelligent…I do not know everything! Therefore, when my Mumzy announced that we were travelling to Waterloo…I was at a complete loss…There!…I have said it! I am now done for the day…Ta-ta!  

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Fabulous Movie! Purr-fect!

Posted by asiadmin - June 13th, 2013

Please do forgive me for not being able to post a blog for Monday and Tuesday. I was rather quite busy. It does take one time to groom. Especially, if one is a Persian cat…which I,…indeed am! Alas, one’s fur tends to be a bother at times. As I was grooming, I caught sight of Mumzy. Out of the corner of her eye, she was quietly gazing upon my furry person. She had that…certain look. Also known as…it is time for a much needed hair cut/fur cut look. For, Mumzy has not applied my summer cut as of yet. I do believe that she was pondering the thought of a cat hair cut. Sadly, during the summer, I go through a rather humiliating transformation…Mumzy gives me an haircut…a.k.a….chops off all of my beautiful fur, and makes me look like a wet rat…Yukhhh!!! Not a good prospect,…however one ponders the thought. Yet, it is what it is. Summer is arriving, and my hair cut is unfortunately inevitable…wet rat and all.

Now, on to a more interesting subject matter. Although, I must state that everything about me…is a most interesting subject matter…Fur and all!

On Monday, Mumzy and I watched The Battle of Waterloo Movie on You Tube. It was most fascinating. It seemed to be quite correct historically. It was made by Columbia Pictures in 1970. The Director is Mr. Dino De Laurentiis, and Mr. Rod Steiger portrays the great Napoleon Bonaparte. The movie is very well made. It was a sad movie to watch. Alas, I did emphatically advise the Emperor not to go through with the Battle of Waterloo. Sadly, he did not listen. If you wish to know more…simply read my book…Cat Paws Through History, Ko-Ko the Cat Meets Napoleon Bonaparte. Please watch the movie. It will be quite educational…Ta-ta! 

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The Battle of Waterloo Movie!

Posted by asiadmin - June 8th, 2013

As promised, let us begin to discuss The Battle of Waterloo. There is a most interesting move titled, The Battle of Waterloo, which one may view on You Tube. It was made by Columbia Studios in the year 1970. Mr. Rod Steiger, who is a most exceptional actor, portrays the great Napoleon Bonaparte. I happen to pounce upon this information just today. I found it to be rather purr-fect under the circumstances. I am immensely looking forward to comparing my notes to what is portrayed within the movie…We shall chat again…perhaps on Monday…Ta-ta!

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Posted by asiadmin - June 7th, 2013

I simply could not bring myself to blog yesterday. My whiskers were drooping all day long. It is a condition only known to pussycats. Basically, I was not feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…which I most certainly do on a daily basis. I have every intention of discussing this Battle of Waterloo matter further, yet presently I am not in the mood. However, I can tell you one thing…It was BAD!…Not a good thing!…Ta-ta!

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