Purr-posterous! How Time Flies!!!

Posted by asiadmin - June 16th, 2015

Please accept my sincere pussycat apologies for not having written earlier. It has indeed been a while since I have posted a blog. However, the neighborhood mice have kept me quite busy. They insist on setting up their place of residence within my territory. This is indeed quite unacceptable — A major No-No!!! — A faux-pas! — Please do not misunderstand. After all, I do indeed like all creatures great and small, and that includes mice. Alas, they are rather cute and fuzzy. Yet, when it comes to my territory, I draw the line. Quite simply — they are more than welcome for an occasional visit. Yet all visits must come to an end, however pleasant they are — and alas, one finds that it is time — to go home! — Well! — Needless to say, some of them were quite persistent, and were refusing to depart. Thus, though it was most unpleasant — I had no choice but to explain matters to them in a cool and collected manner with no fur rising, and no whisker twitching. I had to employ all of my inner pussycat strength in order to convey the fact that — enough was enough! This took time — a little more time than I had anticipated. Thus, the days went by, and my daily duties kept me incessantly busy. Then, Mumzy and I were quite busy working on the creation of my website. Also, many hours were spent in research for our future books. This took time as well. Yet, what can one say? It is what it is! Please do forgive me! I assure you — it shall not happen again! That is — to the best of my pussycat abilities. Phffft!

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